Versuri CHRIST AGONY - Darkside

Album: CHRIST AGONY - Darkside

[ Eternal ]

Father of eternal life
Creator of darkness and light
You exist absent
Inside each of us
Father of eternal life
Giver of sin and bliss
Conscence and determinant of the truth

Father of eternal life
You're the blood and the seed
The pain and the fear

Your stigma
Sank into darkness
And looks for shelter
I stand opposite you

Father of eternal life
You are the fire and the water
Father of eternal life
You're death's brother
The gate of dream wide open...

[ Beauteous Death ]

Dear, beauteous death!
The jewel of the just
Shining nowhere, but in the dark;
What mysteries do lie beyond the dust;

Could man outlook that mark!

Father of eternal life and all
created glories under thee!
Resume thy spirit from this world of thrall
Into true liberty

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