Versuri Chrome Division - Raise Your Flag

Album: Chrome Division - Booze, Broads & Beelzebub 2008

Well, you've seen the show
Well, you've hear songs
You've seen the books and magazines
Well, I've had enough
It's time to change it all
I hear the revolution's call
Pink shirt, and bling bling
And all that kind of crap
It's enough to kill a man
No more metro n wossy little socks
Tonight it's time to make a stand
Raise your flag
Raise your flag
Tonight we take back what we once had
Raise your flag
Raise your flag
Lift your head up and walk proud
Well, all the girls just wanna talk
About their emotions and their clothes
All they wanna know, is how you think
If you had to make a choice
Porn star and prom queens,
I don't really care
As long as I don't have to share
Hotels or motels,
I will love 'em anywhere
As long as they bring me cold beer
Well, you've seen the show
Well, you've heard our songs
It's time for you to make a change
Porn stars and prom queens
You can love 'em anywhere
They will bring you cold beer

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