Versuri CIDESPHERE - Towards The Endless Insanity

Album: CIDESPHERE - Interment...

My soul is bleeding
My stillborn hapiness cutting like sharp razors
I'm far away from gardens of love
And I go towards the gateways of life

I'm forsaken I feel like a cursed and morbid one
Why the shadows come on to me
I can't stand...
This pain... I want to die no reason

Going towards the endless insanity
I feel the eyes of death now
Just killing myself
Just leave yourself to the emptiness

Pain in my mind
Pain is my fate
Pain in my heart
Pain is what I am...

Never I choose anything
Never I choose this fate
Looking for a life
I'm calling you save me!!!

I'm forsaken I feel like a morbid
Why the shadows come on to me
I can't open my eyes...
This suffering. So greedy

Rising the hatred rising my sorrow
I only can feel pain

Waiting for your death
But I'm going towards the endless insanity
No more waiting for your lies...

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