Versuri Circle II Circle - All That Remains

Album: Circle II Circle - The Middle Of Nowhere

Now I can see I need more than time
Time to understand this life
All that remains are the things that never changed
You need more than I could provide
More than what you feel inside
You know the pain so familiar
Who's to gain?

It's a one-way situation
Running through my mind
In a world of desolation
The souls we left behind
In this mass confusion
Ringing in my head
Through all the past illusions
I see you there a silent stare

Why, why should truth have its cost?
This reality is my loss to find my peace
Is the hardest thing to reach
So we ride dividing lines
And we keep on buying time
We play this game
And there's no good time to change

It's a one-way situation...

Memories locked in safe places
Been through shock and seen the faces
Can someone hear me now?
Can someone show me?

All that seemed just the right way
Was a lie sent to betray
Time's torment never complete
Lives for rent
So easy to deceive
So easy to believe

Now, can I see I need more than time...

It's a one-way situation...

Where will the souls remain?
Drowning in pools of shame. All that remains!