Versuri CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN - Corpses Of Refinement

Album: CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN - The Genocide Machine

Through birth we sign the proclamation of the doomed
We climb the corpses of refinement each day in attempt to bring us one step
closer to our goal of absolute evolution
The insatiable quests to have more, take more, need more, and be more
Neutralize the mind and obliterate
Neutralize the mind and eradicate
Planetary calamity is the unspoken goal of all mankind
Absolute evolution on all scales and all forums
Genetically - Ethereally - Benevolently
The final step of evolution is the climax of our existence
Sleep in glory as the world burns by your hands
We are the whores of pride
We are the merchants of misfortune
We are the hosts of decay
Sleep in glory as the world burns at your feet
Absolute evolution
Absolute holocaust
Absolute evolution
Absolute holocaust
This is the ultimate testament of free will
This is wholesale annihilation
This is the end

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