Versuri Close To Home - Hear Me Out

Album: Close To Home - Standby

Hello my enemy were meeting one more time
your carrying my ego and your stealing every line
I've had all I can drink, I've given up for this disease
Please pull me out now, I'm already to far gone

This fires burning and I'm right here are the edge
It's everything I wanted, But I'll fall to these regrets
I'll beg for something just to feed this pure release
But this fires my desire and it's slowly overtaken me

Now everyone has seen reactions to my crimes
I'm calling out for help please someone tell me I'm alright
I'm so sick and depressed of this loneliness
I'm just a failure
Its addiction to your eyes

Take back, take it all away
Take back, take it all away
I've never let you down
So just hear me out
Falling away from me, just to escape reality
So please pull me out, before I drown myself

I think I'm lost here again, a mistake and I've let myself down
I know I'm over the edge, a mistake and I've let myself down, let myself