Sex In Hell Chords - Cloven Hoof Of Duality

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Sex In Hell by

The Cloven Hoof of Duality  (C.H.O.D)

Intro...    Grunge...

A (add C on and off) ,  C,  D. x 4

A(C)                      C           D
I'm just a lonely corpse, lyin' in my grave,
A(C)                   C       D
Come to a crossroads, between heaven and hell,
[and so on..]
Satan sitting there, with your horny head,

Why don't you tell me now, are there any naked babes amongst
the flames.

CHORUSDm      D             C              G
Why don't you tell me now, is there Sex in
hell,                   D               C             G
I Wanna, wanna, wanna know, is there Sex in Hell,

          [etc.]Please, please tell me now is Sex in Hell,

They got me to ask you, is their head as well,

[intro riff x 2]

Verse 2

I don't really wanna go to heaven, but I will if I
have to.
I like fire and brimstone, but there's gotta be sin
as well,
Lucifer dont be a mute, Talk to me,

I wont give up sex for you, so tell me what I wanna

Solo  ...

[all fifths are played using G B E strings as open]
 A5   G5         F5            G5        A5      G5              A5


[intro riff by 2 with some guitar fills here and there]

Dm  ....  Chorus

End on A

Hope you enjoy,,


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