Versuri Cloven Hoof - Angels In Hell

Album: Cloven Hoof - Eye Of The Sun

Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done.

There will be a reckoning,
on judgment day.

... Judgment Day!

He is here
the cloven one,
prince of lies
light bearer
Hel ben sha-ha.

Live in fear
all hope is gone,
the dead shall rise
see Lucifer
morning star!

No prayer for the dying
blood rains from the skies,
carnage and mutilation
Leviathan is nigh.

This is the end of days!

Way on high
down below,
Angels in hell,
Angels in hell!

Way on high
down below,
Angels in hell,
Angels in hell!

We are the Angels in hell!

Demonic hoards
fill the skies,
damnated souls
cry out
in the fire.

Meek are slain
they writhe in pain.
Burned on a mighty pyre.

Do what thou wilt
shall be,
the whole of the lore.
The great beast has risen
from the sea,
unholy war.

This is the end of the world!


We are Angels in hell,
were going down to dwell
... Into the fire!

Cast down
into brimstone
and fire,
for a thousand years.
Earth bound
Satan works his desire,
Armageddon nears.

Chaos reigns
out of oblivion
sound over us.

Host remains
the hand of god,
in a flash of light
the saints are victorious.

Apocalypse is over,
salvation is at hand.
Triumphant martyrs
have made a final stand.

Fall to your knees
to give praise.


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