Versuri Cloven Hoof - Inquisitor

Album: Cloven Hoof - Eye Of The Sun

Repent, blood will fall like rain.
Torment, hooks into your brain.
Whiplash, chained to the wrack.
Razor slash, your spines about to crack.

Your body now, belongs to me.
Soon you'll burn, in purgatory.

Inquisitor, sworn confessor.
Inquisitor, tourniquet will turn.
Inquisitor, unholy oppressor.
Inquisitor, smiles as the sinners burn.

Deviant, lacerate your flesh.
Militant, devils child confess.
Blasphemer, learn your lesson well.
Redeemer, gonna send you down to hell.

Sign your name
or piece by piece,
death will be
merciful release.


You will kneel before me,
I kill rob you of your sight.
Blood god
bow down humbly,
decapitation by divine right.

Heresy by thought,
Heresy by deed.

Heresy is sought,
Heresy in breed.
Death and mutilation!

If thine eyes offend,
be in no doubt.
I will descend and then...
I'll rip them out!


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