Versuri Cloven Hoof - Laying Down The Law

Album: Cloven Hoof - Cloven Hoof

I guard these sleazy streets,
from gambling joint to speakeasy.
No back alley hoodlum is gonna muscle in on my territory.
The gangster and machine gun is public enemy number one,
in Chicago where the innocent pay protection to stay free.

Well nobody gets hurt,
If he walks the straight and narrow.
Bend the arrow out of line,
and you have to reckon with me.

Cause I'm laying down,
Laying down the law.
I'm laying down,
Laying down the law.

Behind every street corner,
there's vermin crawling out of the woodwork.
Some low down punk with a shot gun,
itchin to fill ya full of lead.
Wine, Women and bootleg whiskey,
threatens the basis of society.
Side walks are paved with blood,
Who couldn't keep their head.

Sin city never sleeps,
You better learn to
pull no punches.
Eyes to the rear,
cause down here...
They play for keeps.


You say I'm dreaming,
to believe in a better way,
For this rat trap we call home.
I'm the enforcer
Making sure that crime don't pay...
And I'm not alone!

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