Versuri Cloven Hoof - Return Of The Passover

Album: Cloven Hoof - Cloven Hoof

[Part 1 - The Coming]

He comes forth spanning starways
That sinners may live in fear
Retribution, marks this eve day
The hour of vengance draws near

Dark angel of our destruction
Mounted on black winged steed
Irresistably anhialating
All bearing malice, lust or greed

Dawns now the death dealer
Atomising soul stealer
Inflicting damnation
unto he that spurns salvation

Earthly resistance, proves futile
No mortal force can halt this man
Evil minions meet extinction
By making mockery of the heavenly

His mission is that of deliverance
Seeking repentance from all
In a world plaqued by Violence
And Deception where the
weakest, surely fall


[Part 2 - Executional Redemption]

Those exempt of compassion
Devoid of trust
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

Cleansing all sins
Dispersing all pain
Question not his judgement
Defy not his reign

[Repeat First Verse]


[Part 3 - Cold Reign]

The ancients have told, of the first passover
They felt ones power, in centuries past

Now we live in his dreaded shadow
Never heeding when, the die was cast

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