Versuri CLUTCH - I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth

Album: CLUTCH - Clutch

Like Marlon Brando, But Bigger.
You'll Find That Creature At The Bottom Of The Deep Down Susquehanna River.
This One I Had Stood Right On Up To Me,
Tore Out His Hook And Declared Himself A Prodigy.
But Oh No, Fishing Ain't What It Used To Be.
I've Seen Some Bad Years, But This One Is Just Killing Me.
One Little Nibble In Thirteen Years,
I Really Pack 'Em In.
This One I Had, I Seen It In Dreams,
All Shacked Up With Lightning And Horizon Beams.

Well I Bring 'Em On Up, And Then I Pack 'Em On In
In All The Places I've Been,
And I Swear It's Never Been Like This Before,
Least Not Since 19 And 44.
But Today, I Made A Sick Discovery,
Lead Box In Sassafras Cove.
Well I Brought Him On Up And Then I Packed Him On In, Oh Yes,
Now I'm Really Cashing In.

Wash Of The Chesapeake And Appalachian Blue Range,
I Have Discovered The Body Of John Wilkes Booth.
Yes, It's True, I Have Mr. Booth.
Everybody Got To Make A Living Somehow.
Do I Hear A Million?

Well I Bring 'Em On Up And Then I Pack 'Em On In.

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