Versuri CLUTCH - Passive Restraints

Album: CLUTCH - Passive Restraints

My Father Was Black, My Mother Was Decker
Believe Me My Friend, It Doesn't Get Any Better
Than Rack And Pinion Reasoning, Add A Little Seasoning
Cook At Ninety Eight Point Six Degrees

Let Me Be The Bull, And You Be The Pen
Such An Easy Way To Glorify Sin
If I Am A Horse, You're A Venus In Spurs
Everything I Have Is Yours, So Take It

I Come Fully Loaded With An Option To Buy
I've Got A Stick Shift Disposition And A Four Wheel Mind
I'll Give You Endless Mileage And Unlimited Speed
Total Satisfaction Absolutely Guaranteed

Turbo Boost Libido And Passive Restraints
And As Of Yet I Haven't Heard Even A Single Complaint
I've Got The Tools Of The Trade And A Fuel Injected Heart
Efficiency Is Beautiful, Efficiency Is Art