Versuri C.O.D. - Strip This

I know that you can dance better then you can read
And when you move that a*s is more than jus obscene
So please little lady don't be mean just show us
Show us some skin

You've got the thing  You've got the stuff
Make us hot
Common now give all you've got

Strip down
I feel I'm burnin
Hell girl 
You make me sweat
Strip down
My body's earning
You've got me wonder what's  under there

Get on the floor  
hey hei hei
show me the lovin line
i need it more and more
Hey hey hey
Strip down tonight

From 666 down to 69
You've got the devil sign between your thighs
You make a good man go insaine
Common now give all you've got

Shake a leg bang your head 
Take off your clothoes  tonight
On your knees beg me please
Come do me right
Hot legs sweet sweat strip down to the lovin line
You know you need a man like me tonight

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