Versuri Code Red - Native Monster

Album: Code Red - Native Monster

This world is disgrace
The end’s coming harder
Loose what U got
What U have inside

My inner friend
Will take me down

All that I suffer
Dirty animation
Mixture of memories
Bloody terminations
Breeding diseases
Experiment is starting
All that I see is
Sick my mind is laughing

So U rise from that chair!
And push my button now!

My inner friend
I say hello!

All my emotions
Gathering of nothing
Random ideas
Sick my mind is laughing
Every behavior
Human nature’s after 
I am my savior
One who really matters

All of them
Taking me down
Swimming in blood
I’ll make my …way
All of those
Serving a cause
Monsters inside
They need to fail

My inner friend
Will take me down

I shut my face from the fist
Of general decay
The innocent pour souls
My shuttered lips
Will tell

I blinked my eyes with a pearl
Of recent memories
The network of my dreams
My storyline
Will tell

[Solo A.N.]

The sky is out
Ultraviolet radiation
So sick we are
No matter fractional distillation

The earth may bleed
A rupture in formation
Our eyes to see
More recent glaciations

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