We Used To Vacation Chords - Cold War Kids

You can work out how most of how it fits

Most of the song is just these chords exept the chorus
Am(bar chords)
I kissed the kids at noon 
then stumbled out the room 
I caught a cab 
ran up a tab 
on 7th and flower 

best recital I had to ruin 
missed my son's graduation 
punched the Nickles boy 
for taking his seat 
gets all that anger from me 

still things could be much worse 
natural disasters on the evening news 
still things could be much worse 
we still got our health 
my paycheck in the mail 

(no chords)      C        G      
I promised to my wife and children 
F               C
I'd never touch another drink 
G            F
as long as I live 
but even then 
   C         G           F
it sounds so soothing 
C         G            F
this will blow over in time 
C         G                Am (like for the verses) 
this will all blow over in time

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