Versuri Comadre - King Jeremy

Album: Comadre - A Wolf Ticket

Yesterday I fought the moon and lost. But I am lunar now, so "we got to get out" and today I made a better version of a good diversion,
more to keep us mergin'. And get head of the new crowd. The new blood, the new guns, the young sons. You say you got a better plan, well
I'd love to hear it for the first time. If great minds think alike then were the hell is the fight? It's found under our shirts, we're
bound to find our hands in this mess. Just leave it an open ended question, division. I am missin', the whole point. We set these homes on
fire, no dealin with our trails, our secrets keep us admired and with our hands in the dirt out bodies call us liars. Division, communism,
I am missin', the whole point.

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