Versuri Comadre - Tannerisms

Album: Comadre - A Wolf Ticket

I am sick of noise, I am sick of toys, I want more. Just like "I want the moon" there's got to be more than just comfort. Feels like we're
knocking on all the wrong doors. Give me the gold. I am selling this city that once sold me hope and burning the cash, cuz I've got no
room for failure, and rainy days are found in the back of my throat. I am losing again and nothing has ever felt better, give up the
chance and call us the poorman's sunsetters [upsetters] but something or someone must be keeping me breathing. This time I am gonna stay
in bed with all my mistakes and start to turn off my books and turn on my chest. I'll conquer this world with just my hands full of sheets
and these eyes thick with sleep. So please please please please please let me kill what I got.

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