Versuri Combichrist - Just Like Me

Album: Combichrist - Making Monsters

And how it f***s with my head
I set you free, on an island of flesh,
Want to spell it
Carve "DEATH" across your face
And we've got nothing left
There is nothing left to say,
I know its killing you, its a bitter taste,
But it's just like me

You're just like me

I know there's nothing left to say
Just turn around and walk away
Its not the first time we've f****d it up
it's not the last time we'll f**k it up

Cuz deep inside, you're just like me
and it's killing you

We're making monsters, we created you
Feed you with you with hope, and abandoned you
Monsters with no free will, just copies, with an urge to kill
Abandoned you, created you

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