Versuri Comeback Kid - In Case Of Fire

Album: Comeback Kid - Broadcasting...

They had finally some to grips
And the pieces somehow fit
Could it be?
Yet something's lingering
What is it?

At first she had her eyes down staring at the floor
Uncertain, she lifted them to find the words
Shouting from the wall
Like a devil on her shoulder reading

In case of fire, leave the area immediately
Avoid it, yourself from any more grief
In case of fire leave the area immediately
Avoid it, disappear but please don't jeopardize

What is it? It's wearing me out asking this! he said
I refuse to be left in the dark
I've been ringing out every last drop
Ringing out everything I am
It's out for you
Everything I am
There's no disguise
Would you just trust me this time?

He always swore it was
Swearing unconditional
And she's ready to call it off

What is it? I'm getting so scared asking this.

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