Versuri Conducting from the Grave - We Who Shall Conquer

Album: Conducting from the Grave - Revenants

The endless battle wages for our minds but we will win the fight,
for we shall not be broken.
Every instance of struggle through time is just a test of strength to challenge our right to remain sublime,
the will to dethrone ourselves with the failings of fathers by feeding the fathers,
by tempting the tempest but by braving the storm and breaking the bonds of which we forged were reborn and eternal this will not be the
reason we fade,
we will not let our legacy end,
we must rise to vanquish all that hinders us,
and pave the way for brighter days but these monuments remain on these walls remain the stains of the blood that will not wash away,
now we move to save this age against ourselves,
born into struggle,
we live to only breathe and die,
with no one knowing our truth,
but we can change,
and see this world reclaimed,
With our devout design through the endless storm a single light remains and we retain it,
but will we have the hope that it will carry us through what has clouded our lost eyes in every act of trust we leave what's holding us
and cast aside our fears reclaiming all that's our taking our place as legends countering the tides whose elegies will read we are the
ones who have conquered fear laying waste to what has hindered us.

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