Versuri Coram Lethe - Circles And Crosses

Album: Coram Lethe - A Splendid Chaos

Welcome to my house made of honey and flowers,
welcome to my hell, smile at your new day.
I bestow you (with) supreme ecstasy,
sweet cloud of pure dimension.
Welcome to my hell: me, you, two symbiotic souls.
Don't be afraid, listen to the throb of your vital energy.
Die and come to life again.
Don't be easily satisfied, empty out your mind
that's what I'm here for...I'm on my way!!!
In the black of your feelings,
In the darkness of your lies,
In the viscera of your fears,
that's what I'm here for!
I slither through your veins, burning, freezing
I empathize with your worst manias
I'll bring your perverse phobias up to the light
and you'll never be able to live without them again!
Welcome to my circle where there's no way out,
your body's barely reacting, you're adrift.
Welcome to the cross of imminent descent,
your face is shimmery and colourless, you're adrift!
I ease suffering, mirages and visions,
I breathe fresh air, but it all slips from my hands.