Versuri Coram Lethe - Half Identity

Album: Coram Lethe - A Splendid Chaos

Sometimes I realize that you live inside of me.
Sometimes I realize that you are as I am.
Create, I created you: you live under my control!
Create, I created you: I live under your control!
Double identity, ambivalent, psychotic mind!!!
I'm falling in the darkest of apathies,
emptiness will swallow me but you'll fall with me.
Jump into the darkness, I can feel your presence
Flow through my veins, I'll become insane,
I can't control myself anymore, you reflect in my eyes,
Your pure essence, I feel the fire within me.
Create, I created you...
Can you hear my suffocated scream?
It's locked up inside me, I am a slave of my mind.
Jump into...