Versuri Coram Lethe - Passione Della Carne

Album: Coram Lethe - A Splendid Chaos

Here on this bed, my crown, my cross, my tomb.
I'm living the last fragment of life.
Prisoner to this useless body...I want to scream!
But no one can hear my voice, my suffering, my end.
Here on this bed, my house, my life, my tomb.
I'm waiting for my final hour and I'm praying for it.
Time flows slowly and my mind, incorruptible,
travels through memories, travels once again.
Powerful man sign now my sentence
Let me cross the river banks of this oblivion
Powerful man, you can hear everything,
Listen to the pain, the heat, the stink of my flesh.
Powerful man sign my sentence for me,
Free me from evil, bestow upon me eternal life.
I remember when life seemed like a game
when I felt the heat of the sun on my skin
I remember when life seemed like a game
now all that's left is a virtual breath.
"One last breath, one last frame..."