Versuri CORPUS CHRISTI - Fight For Your King

Album: CORPUS CHRISTI - The Darker Shades Of White

I've fought the fight, I'm black and blue.

If only now just to pursue the things I thought were right.
My only fear is you'll see right through me at all the things I have to hide.

What has this cost me now?
Full-fledged denial, self-gratifying,
to live and die with no regret would be just fine for me.

I have fear in deep emotions.
Come and lift me out of the dark.
Blissful, ignite the battle.

We know it's not eternal.
We know.
Our father, in heaven, we know.
I fought the fight, I'm black and blue.

This is the way we are.
Beat down and scared it's nothing new.
We choose now just what to do.

This is the way we are.
Live trying, die fighting.
We know that this is the only thing worth fighting for.

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