Versuri CORPUS CHRISTII - Betrayed Redemption

Beyond the source of this wretched decay.
Beyond the force of what pushes
away, underneath and behind...
Everything that you see.
Behind the walls so no one will see.
Behind the lights of this false gallery, inside my skin I bathe in the blood of innocence and self disgust...
I am Guilty.
The blood is on my hands the darkest stains of my own reflection.
I'm not strong enough to stand beneath the shame of betrayed redemption.
Doing what I despise never questioning why and I'm left so nauseated.
I looking with my own eyes and I don't recognize the man I was has been degraded.
Never questioning why...
And I'm nauseated, the spilling blood of the chosen one has bought my reconciliation...
I am reconciled.
And as I come into this place my guilt is washed away.
And I'm purified anew...