Versuri CORPUS CHRISTII - Black Gleam Eye


Empty, utterly cold inside
Lost in oceans of time
Blackened thoughts fill my days
Hatred fills my nights

Stuck in self loathing
Broken, crushed
The mirror shatters, reveals the past
I'm a frozen image, a memory in time

No feet to stand on
No wall to lean against

The same life re-lived time and time again
Dying per each lie unfold
Another empty bottle
Arms slit to the hilt
Scars reveal my tomorrow
Disease hidden underneath

Black gleam eye
My black gleam eye

Eating me like a cancer
Killing like a knife wound within
Infected with every breath
Feeding itself to keep me alive

Perpetuating lonesome loathing
Shows the loss of what I never owned
The screams of lifeless eyes are there
In every night, in every word