Versuri CORPUS CHRISTII - Stabbed


Absurdity, where all reign
Rules in decadence and stupidity
Mutilated weak minds without essence
No value to put on their heads
Frustration to the core
Lustful anger fed through the empty echoes
Penetrating their minds through the dirtfilled cavities
That melt into their subdivision of fools
Futile the laughters of dead delight
No creation through their supposed might
Flooded by bleeding whores who forcefeed them all with those lies
Their morals lost and turned around
Once motivated with empty arguments
Self targeted cluster bombs and a structure to fall
Nothing withstands this that breathes though us all
The blind try to keep sentry as I walk before them
Hidden beneath a veil of their own
Stolen, treacherous, vile
Choke all that is left of you
Within your "truth" you'll only find denial
And nothing is evermore to be born
For my death - your fall