Versuri Count Raven - A Lifetime

Album: Count Raven - Mammons War

This life I've traveled for so long
Through its timeless wilderness
And all the people that I've met
All with their thought and dreams
One thing I wonder tho, in our uniqueness
Isn't it really so, so much is equalness

I was born parentless
The only one was grandmother
No substitute for happiness,
I didn't even bother
I never went to my father's grave,
Right after he had died
This world had torn us apart
Still I feel I knew him

I know my lifetime passes so fast
And those sweet memories won't ever last
Everyone I see is hiding from the sun
Meanwhile I'm fighting for mine to be won

Sometimes I have wondered, what life's all about
And I stumble over the line
People's lives are stolen, two ways of living
These times I think I'm losing my mind
Today I heard a voice from heaven
Big changes really come this time
Don't worry about the ozone layer
I come in time or no flesh will be saved
Bear this in mind

I am not least bitter tho cos I have my freedom
And I will teach my children so, they also find freedom
This life meant so much to me, I was so happy
With no special place to be, the universe is my family