Versuri Count Raven - In Honour

Album: Count Raven - High On Infinity

Marie Kelly must die
Her accusations we deny
Free masons are involved
Jack the Ripper's mystery is solved
A young Annie Crook has marriage plans
A certain prince is the man
The Royal House does not approve
A catholic and a local too

Secretly she was put away
A mental hospital and there to stay
There it didn't matter what she'd say
They wouldn't listen anyway

Marie Kelly you were truly one of a kind
Blackmailing the Royal House, you freely spoke your mind
In doing what you did you were an enemy of the State
Five dead prostitutes a waste of time to investigate
Marie Kelly you just wanted your friend to be free
That it meant you'd lose your life, that you could not see

We fear death and darkness my friend
that's why we need a legend
Marie Kelly did die
Honour her and live and stop the lie