Versuri Count Raven - Nashira

Album: Count Raven - Mammons War

When I first laid my eyes upon you
You were too far away
I decided to get closer to you
This time you have to stay

Simply overcome by this reaction
It is draining me
I know I can't resist your strange attraction
You're seducing me

You draw me nearer when everything is clear
With you I have no fear
No point resisting I am simply giving in
To you my shining Queen

Most people haven't seen you, that's alright
Too preoccupied by their strife
But I love you and I'm staying to the end
This banner of love I sway for you my friend

I travel to you through my magic glass
What else can I do?
Strange emotions as you speak to me this way
Will we ever meet in the flesh one day

Although I know that you are always around
And sometimes hard to find
Confused, but happy, is this what love can do?
And tonight again I'll look for you

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