Versuri Count Raven - The Coming

Album: Count Raven - High On Infinity

Silence in the air, people are nervous, everyone is in fear
This is the day the earth stands still, the sinners they must beware
All through history people have tried to solve its mystery
And today you have, can you still tell me that you don't believe

I don't believe my own eyes
I see a door it's open to paradise
I see a new star coming in the black sky
And I know that I am never gonna die

The earth it starts to tremble as it draws its final breath
A bodily chain reaction just like a man when he's near death
People running scared, something siniter's in the way
It's not science fiction, this is the final day

Cosmic laws they cease today
This is the return to beginning of time
And there is a new world coming out of Orions belt
And the strangest presence I have never felt

The signs been in the fields so long
You wouldn't believe it, you couldn't receive it
Talking of the Kingdom come
You refuse to see it, best is to leave it
It is right in front of your eyes
Hatred increasing, nature is leaving
Our course was locked in suicide since the foundation
No more grief and tears

The shock waves start to ease down as our senses coming to
The preparation has begun for the old world and the new
Imagine people from the past and the future in the same place
The four horsemen, the four dimensions, the same space