Versuri Count Raven - The Entity

Album: Count Raven - Mammons War

We're walking through this life that's nothing but a game
All know The Entity, the no one speaks its name
Were told that we are born, we live and we die
What is between all this we just have to hide

Welcome to the other side
Where we no longer hide

There are rules out here, wherever you will turn
They are all put there in case you should learn
They are all meant for you to never find your life
And if you follow them you must kiss your a*s goodbye


Remember when you were young
You wished good for everyone
Turn back the clocks of time
To end this eternal crime

You think that you will make it here, I bet
You just don't know the truth yet
Life here does not include you
So what are you gonna do?

I'm really sorry for what I have to say
Peace is no longer the optional way
You must pick up your sword and fight them to the death
Or call down the almighty's fire breath