Versuri Count Raven - The Madman From Waco

Album: Count Raven - High On Infinity

A young man starts a revolution
Something must happen today
He thinks he's found a solution
He gets carried away

Darkness coming, best get ready
System closing, remain steady today

Media enters with confusion
Government that makes a state
They have the same solution
Problems are solved with hate

Children dying, burning, screaming
It's not real, I am dreaming

The madman from Waco
Just how mad was he?
It seems that they just wanted to make an alternative society
Can you look the survivors in the eye
and still believe the media lie
The Devil wants no one to be free
In his pretend democracy

Questions soon began to rise
Who's responsible for the fire
The outside says Suicide
The inside says the F.B.I.

Bodies lying all around
Blood is screaming from the ground
Demands revenge from both sides
From those who let them die