Versuri Count Raven - The Poltergeist

Album: Count Raven - Mammons War

I sold my soul to the night
I refuse to go into the light
It's been so long since I saw the sun
Remember me, the undone

My faith was sealed
At an early stage
The pain decided
This secret place

So it is, much darker now
Still it is clear anyhow
I don't know what to do
Alone I walk without you

No more flesh wounds
It's all over now
After I've taken my last breath
I found a choice in death

I sit around and waiting, waiting here for you
If I am not mistaken, you, you feel it, too
That was what I was thinking when I first got here
I know now I am dreaming cos you don't know I'm here

You don't know I am here
I am alone, so alone

The point is very clear
Realize, that you are dead
A cold world hurt so much
A poltergeist, no human touch

No fate was sealed at an early stage
You yourself decided this secret place
Your mind was set to an eternal life
And insted you got an eternal death