Versuri Count Raven - To Kill A Child

Album: Count Raven - Mammons War

I remember the day that you were born
Your eyes looked at my soul
I was so proud, that I kissed the sky
Little then did I know

Why, oh why, must this world force me to kill my child
I can no longer hide, the eternal pain that I feel inside

They said she was autistic, and silent as the night
I said it is alright
My heart is like the universe, that is endlessly
She'll be alright with me

The trees speak to me of sadness
Of world that wasn't meant to be
The creation is in entire madness
We don't know love, so we don't see
But that is another story
And it doesn't set me free
Neither God or humans help me
Am I bound to destiny?

Years have passed without help from anyone
This road I walked alone
I look upon the world, where no one's ever won
Then I blow her brain with my gun

Why, oh why, must this world force me to kill my child
Why, oh why, the only song this world ever sung, goodbye!

She's out of touch, out of reach, not one of us -
She is free, so she has to be punished by all of us
The father kills the son, the father kills her -
Not because of her, but because of you
Because of all of you, who refuse to do even the smallest thing for your next!
The time and clock is ticking for you my child -
Because they won't, they don't care about you!
Soon I will have your blood on my hands.
I'll be thrown in jail -
They will point their fingers at me
They will judge me, as they have, judged you -
As they will be judged, by you, and God!