Versuri Crashdiet - Back On Trakk

Album: Crashdiet - Rest In Sleaze

If ya caught up where you are
Gotta find your guiding star
To point you back where you belong

Standin' tall n'ya got the style
A turbulent mass, you're a walkin'rile
You've rang the bell n'won the prize

Let's make this loud here we are

Back on trakk again
This is the moment I love to feel
Back on trakk my friend
Now it's up to you n'me
On the rack and
When we leave the place to be
Back on trakk again
Back on trakk again

Feel the gain building up the spine
Exeeding input overdrive
You gotta love am I rite

You lead the blind you lead the stream
The current ways are much to lean
You are the captain of the team

There is a story to be told, you know
Why don't ya share it with the world