Darkside Tab - Crazy Town

Band: Crazy town
Song: Darkside
Tabbed By: rhima
Tuning : Drop - D  (Tune the 6th string at the 7th fret insted of the 5th)

Intro :i've got no idea here

Might not be right but oh well  Play 5x
E --------------------|
B --------------------|
G --------------------|
D -2/5220----2/522----|
A -2/5220----2/522----|
D -2/5220----2/522----|

Pre-Chorus: play 1x
E ------------------|
B ------------------|
G ------------------|
D 222-2222-22-2222--|
A 222-2222-22-2222--|
D 222-2222-22-2222--|

Chorus: play 1x
E -------------------|
B -------------------|
G 666-------666------|
D 666-55772-666-552--|
A 444-55772-444-552--|
D ----55772-----552--|

Pre-chorus Agin: play 1x

2nd Chrous: play 4x
Guitar 2  Play this part 3x then -->  Play this part once
E --13--14-13--------13--16----14-13|---13--14-13-11-13-9~~~~~~~~---|
B 12--12-----12----12--12-----------|-12--12------------------------|
G ----------------------------------|-------------------------------|
D ----------------------------------|-------------------------------|
A ----------------------------------|-------------------------------|
D ----------------------------------|-------------------------------|

Verse play 4x

Pre Chorus play 1x

Chorus: Play 1x

Pre Chorus Play 1x

2nd Chorus play 4, Guitar 2 Plays the same little riff

Verse: pause befor Shifty and Epic start to sing again and the play verse 4x

Pre Chours play 1x

2nd chorus 4x Guitar 2 plays the same little riff

pause after that then the drums come in and then the guitars come in also and the verse 

And there u have it the chours sounds great but the verse might not, but if u listen to 
end of the song its just guitars and drums. If u play along with it almolst sonds right.