Versuri CRESCENT SHIELD - Temple Of The Empty

Album: CRESCENT SHIELD - The Stars Of Never Seen

Whisper, do not allow the loud
Keep all angst unseen
Silent the thoughts that do one sway
Make yourself to...Believe

Up and away it's a brand new day
Again we hear, again we've spoken
Only the words they wish we speak
Not true thoughts of our heart

Again and again we row perfect stroke
To the beat of the drum of the pacing master
Promises laced with lies
We see the truth that we choose not to see

Wretched frowns painted upside-down
With artistic hands perfect liars
Drowned by the pain of useless gain
Feel the ache in your heart

Gather round we will make you proud
With false icons of grand achievement
Body soft and a brain that burns
I'll be here tomorrow yet still I'm gone today

Slowly closing my eyes
(I'll blind the things I need to see)
Feel no more
(I will not be)
Hear my cries
(Cry to the ears that do not hear)
Empty is...the treasured temple that is me

Passive, cold and fair are words I give to you
But you won't know 'cause I will not reveal
The unmasked pain in my heart

Time I feel my anger will engage
And erupt my patient emotional magma
Shut down numb with ever glazed eyes and
Keep an agreed dull sting always denied

Always holding inside
(The tears who will not choose to fall)
Feel no more
(Nothing at all)
Senses gone
(Until I feel a safer calm)
Empty is my only temple


If I could, only could understand
If I had a darker reason
If the answers could find me
Then maybe then I could flush away the madness

Ever shaking and twitching is
My mind of lasting prison
In a passive aggressive life
Long is the heal of the wound that must be filled

Cutting through the knots left undone
May pain be the light of the setting sun
(Close your eyes, feel no more)
Long fear are stones that we haul
Set them down, let them be
(Hear thy cries, empty is...)

The disciples lost in its walls
Ring an alter that shall never fall
(Taste your drops, be no more)
Hollow shells with a will not to lead
Guide to the temple of the empty
(Senses gone, empty is...)

Hollow shells with a will not to see
Welcome to the temple of the empty

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