Versuri CRESCENT SHIELD - The Grand Horizon

Album: CRESCENT SHIELD - The Stars Of Never Seen

Conceived am I the first and final traveler
Craft of mine a tear of light
Soon I will see

Animated alien them to discover
From another time, another galaxy
Resonated alter

Left behind all traces of legacy
Useless gods, the fault of Man
To the sun's red tide

Disgust for its eulogy, hungry of discovery
The stars of never seen
A human game I dare will want to play

Dust is the fear of the coming crossing!

Here there is no dawn or day
Or end to what I see
It's night that has no name
Still calls to me

Time has lost its evil gaze
Until the end of days
Till then I'll seek horizons known to none at all but me!

Breach the wall and step into infinity
To an edge of what can't be
I know it can be

Passing Andromeda far from the dead past
Never to return
Meeting those of greater minds

Accelerated speeds, I chase the all expanding
Feeling the ebb and flow of tides
Of dead dark seas

A sense of fascination, calm in my solitude
An age to overrun
Until I die I will still run

Unknown to the end is the endless calling!

Here there is no dawn or day, Or end to what I see
It's night that has no name still calls to me

Time is finding evil ways, To speed my end of days
Hope soon I'll find horizons grand enough for all to see!

Cold fight...dead dark light (Lonely entity)
Alone...tenth my clone (Extend my life I need)
To far...far, far away
To remember Earthly needs

I need to dream again
Within this greater shadow!
Until then...I'll transfix my eyes ahead
Until the end
Believe in no tomorrow...or the dead
I've left it all behind


Time at last has found my name
To thee I give its claim
The night of final flame
Has called to me

Found my final dawn and day
The end has now found me
At last I'll finally...

(Across the shores of a billion sunrises)
(Lies the light of the grand horizon)
(Leave behind all apparent reason)

Hear the song when the grand horizon sings!!

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