Versuri Criminal - Heresy (Bow To None)

Album: Criminal - No Gods, No Masters

I'm just a child
In an aging world
Ready to explode
To f**k you all


I'm the enemy
Every mothers fear
Too young to die
Too old to care


[Chorus (x2):]
Look at me
What I've become
I'll bow to none

Lighting up the sky
In a burning rage
Being crushed alive
By the wheels of fate
Sniffing through the dirt
Seeking inspiration
Saying my last prayer
To a loaded gun

Have I gone insane
What am I saying

Chasing my own tail
Like a dog on cocaine
Vomiting words
To relive the pain
Shooting my shadow
Before it gets real
Laughing in your face
Then I disappear

Have I gone insane
What am I saying

[Chorus x2]

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