Versuri CRIMSONFIRE - Darkside To Sanity

Album: CRIMSONFIRE - Crimsonfire

[Chapter VII "Uncertainty"]

Without love without wisdom
There is an angel looking down
Without love without wisdom
Broken wings lay on the ground
Shall it be, what it is
That is said, that nothing lasts forever
The truth it speaks
Reveals the words
Reveals the wisdom of my shadows
Of myself
A child kneels in anguish
Viper thoughts coil round its mind
Lead by dark deceptions
Salvation is to purify
By ignorance and madness
Reality's dark dreams are alive
Lead by dark deceptions
Salvation is to purify
Welcome to the darkside
Welcome to your mind
The truth of all intentions
Betrays the fear that is within you
Time the eternal healer
Breaks the chain that holds you down


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