Versuri CRIMSONFIRE - Region Of Legends

Album: CRIMSONFIRE - Crimsonfire

[Chapter VIII "Fear"]

Through the infinite sphere of endless death
He rides the beast of all the blackness
By the vapours of the dragon's breath
The birth of fear in your nightmares
The horseman rides through the burning forest
Unveiling all your darkest visions
As the lightning it soars above me
This witching power it sways unseen
Through the inferno where the serpent speaks
He brings a chill and a trail of omens
By the fires that will dance in the wind
The devil's own turns our prayers into sin
Of eternal fires
Headless horseman
At the Tree of the Dead
Headless horseman
Comes to me again
In the dead hush of the haunting midnight hour
Comes forth an atmosphere of terror
Mysteries of the damned wicked wind
And all the torment they bring
Spectres at the raven's rocks
Your local tales and your superstitious knots
In this graveyard the stones are so cold
In this Region of Legends
This story is told
In the darkness you shall ride
Desperation is burning high
Slain shall be who dares to stand
Vengeance ends you, fate at hand
In the darkness you shall ride
Man or beast you cast aside
They shall always be afraid
Of the one who bares no name
This darkness falls and you it calls
This darkness falls

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