Kirk Windstein isi exprima dispretul fata de stage diving, loveste un fan pe scena (video)

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Kirk Windstein isi exprima dispretul fata de stage diving, loveste un fan pe scena (video)

A 12-a editie a festivalului Maryland Deathfest a gazduit in acest weekend concerte memorabile semnate de Immolation, At The Gates, Dark Angel, Gorguts si multi altii. Printre concertele ce vor ramen in istorie se numara si showul CROWBAR, ocazie cu care Kirk Windstein a clarificat o problema din ce in ce mai evidenta la showurile metal.

Un fan a urcat pe scena, moment in care unul din bodyguarzi l-a trantit la pamant, in timp ce Kirk Windstein l-a lovit usor cu piciorul. Windstein s-a oprit apoi din cantat pentru a-si exprima dispretul fata de stagediving:

“Stop this f—ing song!” begins Windstein. “I’m so sick of this s–t. You’ve got motherf—ers like Randy Blythe — nicest motherf—ing guy in the world. Some a–hole goes into his office, f—s his f—ing world up, and the guy almost goes to prison in a foreign f—ing country. Who does what for a living? Do I go into your office and f— your computer up? No. You know why? I respect you and I love you. Thank you. A lot of people think I’m a d–k, go suck one, motherf—er. This is about respect. My eyes are closed, I’m playing my g*****n heart out. You could have broken every f—ing tooth in my mouth. Thank you, security.”

Muzicianul a clarificat situatia pe pagina sa de Facebook:

In regards to the fan jumping onstage during our set at Maryland Death Fest. The MDF organizers/venue do not allow fans to run on stage uninvited. That’s their policy. They had barriers and security in plain sight to prevent that. If someone chooses to go against their policy, I have no control over that and at a show like this I’m not expecting anyone to run onto the stage, especially during Planets Collide. So I’m rocking out, my eyes are closed and then I guess security tackled the fan into me. I was already on edge having driven 15 hours straight through the night without sleep to play the gig. We had no back up guitars or techs with us so If we broke a guitar or even a string, the set would have been seriously delayed or ended. At shows WITHOUT security or barricades if you decide to run on stage or dive off it, at least be respectful, get up and dive off and try not to hit into the band or break their gear and try not to break your neck or the neck of someone else. Thanks for understanding! – Kirk

Daca e sa ne uitam in trecut - moartea lui Dimebag, incidentul Randy Blythe, incidentul Terror - motivatia lui Windstein este plauzibila.

Incidentul are loc in jurul minutului 2:25

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