Versuri Cruxshadows - Avalanche

Album: Cruxshadows - Quicksilver

The lines are clear with tomorrow standing against me
And I am silent as I face my fears alone
Responsibility weighing down upon my shoulders
When all that I needed in a heartbeat is taken from me

The truth is unclear if you close your eyes too tightly

What dream is life spun like silver to the night
Don't wake me up and do not let me go

And if the world falls from the sky
Shall we like the altlas rise
If time collapses to this end
Beneath the avalanche

With love like pages stripped away
My heart must find another way
Courage comes from circumstance
Beneath the avalanche

And I fear the sky is falling

It's the price we pay if we act with our convictions
But the faces I see still believe me too naive
We are not lost or fotgotten to our conscience
When all that we need for survival we carry inside

I will not fall before you
I will nt grovel at your feet
I will not let you crush me
My will is stronger than you think

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