Versuri Cruxshadows - Roland

Album: Cruxshadows - Quicksilver

Opportunities are lost
in a starving shade of silence
and every battle fought
has left me looking back
What we obtain through isolation
often leads us deeper into war
so tell me how can I retreat?
some things are worth fighting for

And how do we justify
when actions are conceived in weakness
is there honor in my heart
if I lack the strength to act
And though my hand is trembling
and my eyes are wreathed in so much doubt
and every instinct shows me fear
I stand my ground

We have no Olifant resounding
nor fortunes here to carry home
No epic tale becoming legend
only choices right and wrong
But somewhere in the haze of life
I find there is a perfect shining light
that each of us must seek to know
the truth of who we really are

So sing a song for Roland
and all of those who sacrificed their lives
their colors traded in for
a world of black and white
So sing a song for Roland
and all of those who fought for what was right
you may never understand
for whom they died

Perhaps they will banish me
from the annals of history
in the end it matters not
we direct our destiny
I've lived beyond myself for an instant
and heard the echoes in the hearts and faces
of the people I will never know
but I still cannot forget


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