Versuri CRYONIC TEMPLE - Mighty Warrior

Album: CRYONIC TEMPLE - Chapter I

[M: Cryonic Temple L: Ahonen / Johansson]

Remember a young man that entered the castle
Learned to fight and serve as a holy knight
Bravest of the all with a burning heart
Enemies, wizards, demons and knights

He will grow strong
The strongest of the all

Mighty warrior, fight for your glory
Mighty warrior, never surrender
Blood, victims and broken steel, battlefields are real
Faith in the Holy Lord and live or die by the sword

He fought all the evil with a strength so mighty
Stronger than iron, a true leader of men
He gathered the soldiers and they ride into battle
Enemies whispers his name in fear

[Repeat bridge]

[Repeat chorus]

[Lead - Ahonen / Both]

When there are echoes of terror in the ancient land
Call upon the black knight for victory all again
The legend will tell about the black knight
The legend will tell about the black knight

[Melody - Collin / Both]

[Repeat chorus]

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