Versuri Cryptic Wintermoon - Dominate

Album: Cryptic Wintermoon - Fear

I want to fire guns I am the one you dread
I will keep on firing until you are f*****g dead
Warmaster bringer of pain
Locked and loaded killing is the game
You will wish you'll be dead I will bring war to you
Aiming and firing that is all I will do
A fully armed nightmare panzerbeast
A one man army on your flesh I will feast

You will disintegrate
I will dominate

I got the killer instinct kingsize balls
I am living attitude can walk right through the walls
Pussies leave when I'm in game
No balls at all f*****g lame

Yes you got it right you will go down tonight
Go back home to your mom son
Back in that heap of s**t you came from

If you think you can beat me son you better think again
If you want to have a chance better bring all your friends
I cannot be defeated and I really hate to say
You and your friends will go down this is not your family's day

Cause I'm the worst you've seen bad and mean
Flak gun wizard killing machine
Perfect assassin god of war
Never to stop mean and raw
Gatling ticking bombs detonate
Bringer of death ambassador of hate
Flak gun firing blood splatters around
You in the defense your master you've found

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