Versuri Cryptic Wintermoon - God With Us

Album: Cryptic Wintermoon - Fear

God with us standing one by one
Last letter home is done
God with us sing the victory songs
For honour god and fatherland

As time stands still who will remain who is the one to pass
Did you resist while others fell or while they drowned in gas
A generation fading like sand in an hour glass
Young men in trenches gunfire shakes the ground

Did you want to die here were you one of them
Was your wish to leave here to see your family again
Did you ever had a doubt or had you been deceived
Like millions of your comrades who never saw their homes again

God with us here in no mans land erase the best of youth
God with us play the death march for the route down below

Not one to stop not one to hold
In this hell men won't grow old

God with us strong in faith we stand
Handwritten on a yellowed group portrait
Young men with carbines in their hands
Still together carved in stone they lie

A generation damned to suffer working busy on a new world order
One by one almost brothers no hope... and no mother

God with us heroes will be made
But no hero will survive
God with us don't let us be downhearted
Please let death come quick

God with us

Do you hear the silence now
Where once thousand cannons spoke
On the fields where the poppies grow
A mother bemoans her son