Versuri Cryptic Wintermoon - Hellstorm Infantry

Album: Cryptic Wintermoon - Fear

Bombed out fields crying soldiers way outside
Dug in deep in the mud wait and hide
Infernal firestorm death our destiny
Forged in fire hellstorm infantry

Impact closing in see soldiers die
Burned ripped to pieces buried alive
Soil and blood death our destiny
Forged in pain hellstorm infantry

Hear the shout order to move one last prayer
If there ever was a god I will take you there
The enemy shows no mercy nor do I
Moving out time to kill time to die

Through the barbed wire as instincts take control
Hear machine guns rattling the war takes his toll
Bullets cut the air comrades fall
Moving on all for one one for all

Falling by my side brothers sons
Only for a few yards of mud we won
They will never see their home again
Buried on this field as a soldier unknown

Hear them cry in pain butchering with my bayonet
Making war that is what I do
Killing for honour fatherland
Killing sons and brothers like me and you

Killing is what I do...

Groundpounders we are born of dirt forged in the fire
Going back to the soil again...

Total exhaust fire ceases looking round
Enemy is dead my body shaking sitting down
Sooner or later everybody dies
The greatest gift to see a new morning rise

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